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Vacuuming regularly a carpet is the first step in maintaining commercial or industrial carpet. However a carpet must be maintained and also deep cleaned periodically.


For our clients we encourage at least a weekly vacuuming of the carpet. Depending on the traffic that our clientele sees, a more aggressive carpet maintenance program is put in place to enhance the appearance of the carpeted areas. This carpet maintenance is supplemented by deep steam cleaning depending on use and traffic of any given areas. Since deep cleaning is certainly more expensive process than periodic maintenance, we bring savings to our clients with carpet maintenance programs that prevent heavy soiling with frequent maintenance.

Actual Industrial/Commercial Carpet Cleaning Picture from our client

Commercial Carpet Deep/Steam Cleaning - during the process.

Why clean the carpets in your office or business?

Simply put, the carpets get dirty and trap dust and dirt over time that regular vacuum will not pickup. There are other many advantages of commercial carpet discussed below to help you.

What are the Advantages and Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

How are the carpets maintained and cleaned? What to expect?

  • Cleaner carpet.
  • Cleaner office environment.
  • Cleaner air in the office or building, since carpets tend to hold dust and debris.
  • Fresher smells in the office or building after carpets are cleaned.

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