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Residential Air Duct Cleaning Services in Wichita by ServiceMaster

Dirty Air Ducts and Vents are one of many places that trap dirt and dust in your home. Most pollutants that enter the home both from outdoor and indoor activities such as cooking, smoking can cause additional contamination in the Air Ducts in a home. Part of having a healthy and clean home is having clean air ducts. If your vents and air ducts look dirty, they probably are ready for cleaning. 

Below is a basic diagram of a typical HVAC system in a home. Credit:


Simply, Air Duct Cleaning is the process of cleaning the Ducts that provide fresh air through your HVAC system. It includes the deep cleaning of the return air and trunk lines. The Air Duct systems are the branches to the HVAC system in your home. ServiceMaster by Best in Wichita uses one of the most advanced Air Duct Cleaning Systems available in the cleaning industry. The system consists of a large 3 stages HEPA filtered with dual motor and blower assembly vacuum capable of moving 5000 CFM Free Air. This is assisted by with the "Viper Clean Sweep System" including the "Whip and Blast" and / or "Rotary Brush Cable System".

Why Clean Air Ducts in your home?

What does ServiceMaster by Best Air Duct Cleaning in Wichita provide?

  • Cleaner offices and business.
  • Cleaner environment.
  • Clean (no perfumed) smells in the office and building.

Result: Interior of your duct work should be free of large debris.

For your home, how often should you clean your air duct systems?

The frequency of cleaning air ducts in your home is dependent on many factors. It certainly depends on your preferences as a home owner. Some things you may wish to consider are: (among other things, but not limited to), are there any pets or smoker in the home, then more frequently. Clean air ducts after remodeling. Certainly clean after smoke damage, fire damage, water damage or mold contamination. If your vents appear dirty then you need to clean your vents.

For your home, how often should you clean your air duct systems?

The time it will take to clean depends on various factors listed here, (but certainly not limited to them):

  • The number of systems and the number of ducts and vents.
  • The extent of the debris and the level of contamination is in the air ducts.
  • The ease of accessibility of the air ducts and vents.

For your home, how often should you clean your air duct systems?

  • A visual post service inspection of the vents is performed.
  • A lower dust on surfaces and a cleaner fresher smelling home.

How much does it cost to clean air ducts at your property?

Please call our office at (316) 687-1895 and our friendly office staff will assist you. Occasionally additional time is required to perform a thorough cleaning or when units are installed in crawl spaces or attics. Should there be a need for additional charges due to additional time necessary to perform a thorough cleaning, we will inform you upfront.