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Service Master by Best in Wichita is a local leader in Fire, Flood, Smoke, Water, Mold Damage etc. restoration and cleanup. We recognize the responsibility you have to your staff and clients. For this reason we provide you our services fast and efficient way. We strive for your complete satisfaction in all the restoration projects we undertake.

Water Damage / Flood Clean-up and Restoration Processes:

Water for flood damage to your commercial property is a serious matter, and the faster you take action, the greater the opportunity to save your property, thus saving costly repairs later. We use aggressive drying procedures to deliver the highest level of cleaning and restoration performance. The basics flood & water damage cleanup & restoration process consists of:

  • We Inspect and Assess the damages.
  • Once we agree to the scope, we protecting your contents.
  • We remove water as quickly as possible.
  • We use anti-microbial treatments if, when and where necessary (this inhibits fungal growth).
  • We dry the property with the assistance of dehumidification.
  • We implement air movers to speed up the evaporation and drying process.
  • We monitor it daily until the property is dry.


Mold and Specialty Clean-up and Restoration:

Service Master by Best in Wichita offers solutions (regardless of the type of disaster that might have experienced) for all your cleaning and restoration needs. Mold and fungal growth is one of the most common problems derived from water damage disasters that have not been mitigated properly. This causes poor air quality conditions and often severe structural damage. At ServiceMaster it is our goal to implement the fastest and most effective drying techniques to remove the water and eliminate moisture.

Among the above mentioned services, we also offer other recovery related services as listed below, (please call and ask if you need something that is not listed):

  • Property and Structure drying
  • Document drying / Freeze drying
  • Odor removal / Deodorizing service
  • Blood / Bio and Trauma Cleanup
  • Temporary board-up service
  • Debris & Waste removal service
  • Contents pack-out and cleaning & storage service

Fire and smoke related Services:

When an accidental fire occurs in a building, the damage does not stop when the fire is put out. Most materials in furniture, flooring etc. when burned can create a variety of chemical reactions may cause additional damage to your items and property. The Service Master team provides you with the expertise necessary to be able to effectively save your items and belongings. We can also remove soiling from various types of flooring and other fabrics to avoid additional expenses of replacement. A timely and quick response is the key to restoring your property and getting you back in business. 


For all your cleaning and restoration needs, ServiceMaster by Best in Wichita employees are ready to serve 24 hours a day. The quicker you call us, the faster we respond. Call : (316) 413 5738