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Commercial Mold Remediation and Cleanup

Contaminated buildings can be a problem for its occupants. Flood and water damage occurs in the spur of the moment. However if not mitigated by professionals such as ServiceMaster, fungal and mold contamination can occur. Service Master by Best in Wichita provides professional remediation and clean up services in event you should discover such contamination. Service Master has been called on many large commercial and industrial facilities to assist with mold remediation and clean up. Local indoor air quality inspectors recommend ServiceMaster as one of the best vendors in the local area to perform remediation services. There are many entities that perform such services that are sub-par industry standards. Choosing to partner with a reputable firm that delivers results benefits all parties involved.

While water damage may occur from such an unforeseen incident, a quick and timely response may make the difference in preventing further secondary damage that may occur. Due to fungal damages there are generally occasions when air quality and temperature need to be controlled and maintained, ServiceMaster will meet the challenges you face in getting you back in business. We have the equipment to dry your commercial facility in a timely manner. In the event there is a need for specialty restoration equipment, support services are lined up so that we can meet those needs for you as well. We stay ready for you the facility directors, manager and supervisors to assist you and your staff in your time of need with the necessary resources to complete your projects on time and on budget. We will support you in any way that you need and manner to get you back in business as soon as we possibly can. We want to partner with you to deliver the quick response you need in restoring your facility and getting back in business. From the initial drying process and cleaning of your facility of damaged materials and removing the soot and odor, please let us know how we may assist you.

Mold and fungal growth can be a challenge to you, your employees and other occupants, please let us know how we may assist you.
You name it; we have the resources to assist you!

Why should you choose to partner with ServiceMaster for your flood and water damage cleanup?

ServiceMaster's capacity for commercial flood and water damage cleaning and drying projects:

When considering the remediation needs of your property, partner with ServiceMaster and make restoration a part of your business plan. This can make all the difference in how fast you are back in business; call Service Master by Best in Wichita 24 hours a day. The quicker you call us, the faster we respond. Call: (316) 413-5738.