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Commercial Pack-out, Transfer and Storage Services

Pack-out, transfer and storage is a unique service offered by ServiceMaster by Best cleaning and Restoration Company. When floods or fire disasters occur in residential and commercial building, household textiles such as upholstery and carpets, clothes and kitchen wares are adversely affected.

We have noted with concern that it is difficult to have flood and water damage or fire damage cleanup successfully without clearing property from the affected rooms and areas. To bridge this gap, we have several large storage facilities and warehouses in which we store the property after drying, cleaning and restoring it. When the cleanup of the affected rooms is complete and safe we are able to transfer and repack it.

ServiceMaster in Wichita KS has certified technicians and are an IICRC certified firm.

Commercial pack-out services

At ServiceMaster by Best, we have comprehensive solutions for commercial pack-out, transfer and storage designed to suit your business needs. The pack-out of documents etc. are a part of restoration services aimed at preparing your building or facility once again while restoring the contents. Offices and business centers affected by floods and fire disasters may require several days if not weeks for clean up and repairs before resuming normal operations. Here is partial list of contents that we pack-out and store in our climate controlled warehouse from various businesses from the surrounding areas:

Residential pack-out services

We have a complete package for residential clients as well of pack-out, transfer and storage services. These are designed to transfer, clean, store and restore household property. Following a flood or fire disaster in a residential structure may not facilitate onsite cleaning of household property and in some cases becomes difficult and in many cases unsuccessful due to the damaged environment. Our residential pack-out services cater for packing, transfer, cleaning and storage of (but not limited to);

After Cleaning and restoration: Transfer services, pack-back and unpack services:

These services are performed after cleaning of all items and restoring them. Transfer and pack-back services are aimed at restoring and preserving the items that were salvaged from the damage that occurred to your property. Some of the services include:

Household textiles cleaning services

Our technical team carries out a thorough inventory and cleaning of household textiles, before storing them in our secure facilities. Cleaning of services include upholstery cleaning using specialized cleaning agents and equipment to restore them. After cleaning, we ensure that the household textiles are completely restored and well preserved. The items are then packed in well labeled containers and stored in the appropriate areas of the storage vaults in our warehouse.


Some of the transferred items may require disinfection after floods and water damage. Floods caused by heavy downpours may contain pathogens that contaminate the household and office property. On such occasions, appropriate measures are taken to either restore the hard surfaces or dispose with client approvals. Sometimes, water damage may have been caused by leaking sewage which is highly contaminated. Also, some fire disasters may be as a result of arson attacks preceded by violent crime leaving bio hazard materials on item. We take time and necessary resources to decontaminate the items before and restoration and storage.

Choose us and enjoy the following benefits;

  • Protection of personal property
  • Timely disinfection of property when possible and necessary
  • Accurate inventory of property
  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Competitive pricing, a flood and fire cleanup provider with pack-out transfer storage services you can trust!