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Commercial Structural Drying Services by ServiceMaster


While there are many methods for drying structural components and contents, technical expertise and restorative experience play a key part in the drying of structures that have experienced flooding due to pipe break or any other source. Extraction services with evaporation and dehumidification equipment has considerably shortened the time it takes to dry structural components in the recent years. ServiceMaster by Best in Wichita deploys the latest in drying technology (extraction units, evaporation and dehumidification platforms) in the event a commercial building is in need of those services. Due to advancement in technology, drying has become far more safe and practical.

According to the industry leaders, the Council Certified Structural Drying Remediator (CSDR) and the Council certified Structural Drying Supervisor (CSDS) are specific designations earned by professionals that perform water damage restoration services that have undergone training and have the related experience. The ServiceMaster professionals safely mitigates water damages that result from floods, fires (water used to put out the fire) , hurricanes and other disasters as well as broken pipes and water mains etc. Damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster have the knowledge of the principles and techniques that are necessary to mitigate the damage and the technical expertise of the equipment and regulations that are relevant to structural drying as industry texts dictate and accredited standards that are established.

  • Single and multi-family residences
  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Government facilities
  • Schools and public buildings
  • Healthcare facilities and Hospitals

  • Principles of Drying
  • Identify the differences between various commercial structures and related needs
  • Project Management, Project and Technical Coordination
  • The sensitivity of the items damaged
  • HVAC systems, components, mechanics the may be damaged or play a role in the restorative process
  • Project administration
  • Documentation and analysis of large scale projects
  • Negotiation and communication with clients, vendors and insurance partners
  • Health and safety of occupants, employees, vendors, contractors etc.
  • Safety plan during the mitigation and restorative processes
  • Hazard control and communication of the project
  • Project management of large losses
  • Site considerations for equipment and staging
  • Calculations, energy, sizing, equipment
  • Inspections, evaluation and planning
  • Microbiological considerations
  • Drying complex structures, systems and materials
  • Advanced psychrometry and the mechanics of moisture in materials
  • Commercial mechanical & HVAC systems and air handling and management
  • Climate control and air flow management
  • Temporary power generation and power distribution

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