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Commercial Tile Stripping, Refinishing and Burnishing by ServiceMaster

Vinyl Composite Tile (often referred to as VCT) is a very strong and durable flooring material. It has been used in many commercial facilities due to its appearance and durability. However to maintain its appearance takes a little bit of maintenance. This tile can take quite a bit of abuse and still maintain its appearance over the years. VCT is easy to clean and maintain, however if not properly maintained can significantly reduce the life and appearance of the tile.

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ServiceMaster has a written plan that you can use as a prototype to prepare a contingency plan that you can implement in your business or enterprise. This is a free service to all our clients.

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What can I do to keep my tiles looking new after its installation?

Due to the nature of the VCT, after its installation and curing time has passed, it is essential that a thorough cleaning be performed and the tile surface of the tile neutralized. Depending on the traffic that is expected, multiple layers of floor finish which is often referred to as wax, needs to be applied. If the floor finish is applied in an incorrect manner, patches begin to show in many areas. After the curing time has passed, the floor needs to be burnished to bring out the shine and appearance of the tile. The process of burning also helps the appearance of the floor last longer due to the hardening of the top layer of the floor finish. ServiceMaster uses the best products to bring out the appearance of the tile in your commercial facility.

Few Tips about maintaining the appearance of your tile:

What is professional tile stripping and refinishing?

Professional tile stripping is the process of using floor stripper to strip the old wax or floor finish and thoroughly remove all the imbedded soils in it. Refinishing is the process of reapplying floor finish also commonly known as wax. A well maintained floor will always have a great shine to it.

Why should you have your tile professionally stripped and refinished?

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