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Free Pre Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning by ServiceMaster


Quoting American businessman Alan Lakein, "Planning is bringing the future into the present" and he continued "you can do something about it now." What is your plan? Not planning to meet the challenge when you experience a flood or fire can be devastating. Many have shut their doors after a major flood or fire due to lack of a contingency plan.

What can ServiceMaster do to help you plan?

ServiceMaster has a written plan that you can use as a prototype to prepare a contingency plan that you can implement in your business or enterprise. This is a free service to all our clients.

Ready, Let's Roll

How can ServiceMaster help you plan?

What can you do?

  • Continuity planning is the key in the event of any dramatic business situation.
  • Emergency planning for your employees.
  • Emergency supplies you will need to keep your business operational.
  • Plan to stay or go in certain events.
  • Make evacuation plans.
  • Make a shelter in place plan.
  • Practice the plan with key staff members and leaders.
  • Practice the plan with each employee.
  • Promote Individual and family preparedness.
  • Have a written and simple crisis communication plan.
  • Consider an annual review of your insurance policies.
  • Prepare for utility disruption and have an alternate plan.
  • Secure buildings, facilities, plants and offices.
  • Consider cyber security in your plan.

Why choose ServiceMaster as a part of your plan?

Call or Contact us, we will schedule an account manager to provide resources to help you and your business be ready.