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Hoarder Cleanup Services in Wichita, KS

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Hoarding is a Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. Hoarding related TV shows have popped up on our screens. ServiceMaster has teamed up with Matt Paxton of the prominent TV show "Hoarders". There is a growing need for hoarding and estate cleaning services. As there is a growing need for such a service, the relationship between Mr. Paxton and ServiceMaster was born. At the 2013 ServiceMaster Clean / Restore convention, this new relationship was introduced. 

ServiceMaster by Best has been in the cleanup and restoration business for over 10 years and a global network for over 60 years.

Those that are challenged with hoarding have a persistent difficulty in disposing / discarding or parting with their possessions. This may be related to compulsive buying and purchasing or even things one has received. This item(s) often becomes sentimental to the person. This poses the challenge of using up of living space with things that have not been used or even seen for a very long time. Often the challenge is that a person in a hoarding situation will function with damaged or malfunctioning systems/appliances etc before having a trained and qualified person to fix it.

How can ServiceMaster in Wichita help?

Due to the extensive training with various challenges that we encounter, the ServiceMaster staff is trained to be compassionate and understanding these situations. We will consult with clients and necessary family members to bring the assistance that is necessary to help in these delicate situations.

What can ServiceMaster do to clean-up the hoarding situation?

Since every circumstance is different, it is quite impossible to document each step of the process. However, once plans are made and communicated thoroughly, ServiceMaster takes on the project and accomplishes the goals discussed initially. If items need to be disposed, based on local regulations, arrangements are made for trash haul-off. If items are to be inventoried and stored for further evaluation or cleaning, then necessary steps are taken to catalogue and secure them. Whatever the need, ServiceMaster's management and employees stand ready to serve.

Please call to discuss confidentially how we may assist you or your loved ones.