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Residential Disaster Restoration & Damage Recovery

All homes are susceptible to disasters, and when these occur all you want is a fast solution to bring back normalcy in your family's lives. ServiceMaster ® by Best is here to provide your entire home a quick remedy for the unexpected, whether the problem is water, fire, smoke, or a combination of all three. We offer you an experienced team, equipped with the most advanced products and cleaning methods; ready to assist the damages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year anywhere in the Wichita, El Dorado and surroundingareas.

Carpet, Floors, and Upholstery

After water disasters, the floors, carpets and other fabric items can suffer serious damages. Drying becomes the most effective answer for floors, carpets and upholstery recovery. All of ServiceMaster by Best drying techniques consider a series of different factors on your carpets and floors to assess the best drying methods, such as the floor or carpet's:


Water damages are a serious emergency and the faster you take action, the better the chances are of saving your items, reducing your suffering and saving money. We use specialized products, and procedures that guarantee the highest level of cleaning and restoration performance. The water damage restoration process consists of:

Mold and Specialty Restoration

ServiceMaster by Best offers you solutions regardless of the type of disaster that it might have occurred. One of the most common problems derived especially from water disasters is mold growth and spread in certain areas of your house causing structural damages and low quality air conditions. At ServiceMaster by Best we implement the most effective drying techniques to eliminate the water sources that might be causing the mold grow.

We also offer other recovery services such as:

Fire and smoke

When a fire accident occurs it does not stop when the fire is out. All the synthetic materials in furniture and flooring when burned can create a variety of chemical reactions that might cause serious damages to your house items. The ServiceMaster team in Wichita and El Dorado provides you the expertise on the chemicals involved in fire disasters, being able to effectively save your belongings. We can also remove filth from all types of flooring and fabrics to avoid additional expenses.