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Residential Tile & Grout Cleaning Services Wichita

Ceramic Tile is one of the strongest and most durable flooring materials for your home. It is primarily used in entry ways, kitchens and bathrooms and areas that experience high traffic. To maintain its appearance it takes a little bit of maintenance. The tile can take quite a bit of abuse and over the years will still maintain its appearance. The tile and grout is easy to clean and maintain, however when not properly maintained it can significantly diminish the appearance.

What can you do to keep my tile and grout looking clean and new?

Seal the grout with a high grade sealer after the installation has cured. This prevents soil to penetrate into the grout. Multiple applications may be necessary before the grout is adequately protected and sealed. Follow the manufacturer's requirements. ServiceMaster uses the best cleaning products on the market to bring out the appearance of the tile in your home.

Tips about keeping up the appearance of your tile:

What is ServiceMaster professional tile and grout cleaning?

ServiceMaster professional tile & grout cleaning is the process of deep cleaning the soiling that cannot be cleaned with regular maintenance. It thoroughly removed the imbedded soils in the tile and especially the grout. Grout sealing is the process of reapplying the grout-sealer after the grout cleaning processes have been performed and the grout has dried. This occasionally becomes a multi-day project to be done correctly.

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