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Wichita Area Rugs and Carpet Cleaning

Around the world, area rugs have been used in homes for centuries. Internationally manufactured rugs come in quite a variety fibers and backings. American carpet and rug manufacturers have been making rugs with mainly man made materials. However, materials like wool are not too uncommon. Fibers commonly used have ranged from natural fibers such as wool and silk to manmade fibers such as Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, etc. Artificial fibers in rugs are far easier to clean and there is less of an opportunity to color bleed or shrink which often occurs in natural fibers (wool and silks). Rugs tend to be natural fibers that originate from oriental origin or from the mid-east areas. Very high quality wool rugs originate from other countries that are high wool producers such as New Zealand.

What can I do keep my area rugs clean? Tips on rug cleaning

Just as in carpets, the best way to keep area rugs clean is to prevent soiling. Walking on rugs bare feet or with socks can significantly keep soiling off. A periodic vacuum is necessary and effective. When vacuuming, care must be taken to not have the rug "sucked in" to the vacuum. Such an event may damage the rug in a split second. Having a person stand on one of the edges to help in the cleaning process may be helpful. Vacuum both sides if and when possible. 

Clean-up spills by blotting / dabbing with a clean colorfast cloth (if possible white). This helps see the soil transfer and color bleed if it occurs. If possible avoid using any chemical, use of clean water is the best solution. Try to avoid increasing the area where the spill occurred. Use as little water as possible. Always test clean in a corner or an area that is not easily visible. 

A method used in many countries is, to suspend the rug and then they are beaten with a rod till the noticeable dust shakes off.

Why should your rugs professionally cleaned by ServiceMaster?

Most home owners can perform regular maintenance. Due to significant soiling, should the need arise, professional cleaning may be necessary. Pet urine / odor etc. may require professional cleaning by ServiceMaster.

How does ServiceMaster Best clean area rugs?

First and foremost identify the material. This may involve a couple of test to identify the fabric/material. Also a determination is made to the color-fastness of the materials. A test clean may be performed. Once determined, identify soling. Then we attempt to clean according to the manufacturer's requirements, sometimes the labels are not available. Thus, in our shop in Wichita, we clean area rugs by:

Bring your rug to our shop and see how we can rejuvenate it for you. We may pickup and deliver for a small fee.